Date Tue. Jan. 16, 2018
Time 7:00am
Temperature -12 C
Anticipated High -8 C
Surface Condition: Mix of machine groomed powder and granular
Base Depth: 11cm
Weather Overcast
Forecast Scattered Flurries
Track Set 22 kms open
Skating: 22 kms open
Natural Snow in Past 24hrs 4cm
Toboggan Park: Closed

Recommended Waxes

Grip Blue Extra Red Purple Mulitgrade
Glide Blue Blue Blue

We had some snow and that little bit can go a long way. Although the trails are in similar shape as before.

The Quarry and Woolner Loop are closed. Hawberry and Back Red are thin so we are suggesting rock skis to be on the safe side. A track was set but you may find it thin in some areas, and around the Sugar Shack will be a little icy.

The Yellow has the best snow and you wont need rock skis for that loop. 

Coming back to the chalet we will have to use the big hill (we call the teaching hill) that comes straight down. 

Conditions will be on the slower with while it stays cold, but will become faster as it gets warmer. Downhills will get icy throughout the day as people snowplow them.

Chanse has been out on the snowmobile to clean up the skate lane. 



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Road Conditions

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Front Door

Highlands Nordic webcam looking out from Front Door of Chalet

Overlooking The Teaching Hill

Highlands Nordic webcam Overlooking The Teaching Hill